Solar Power Projects

Solar Power Projects


Explaining the importance and advantages of Solar Energy

1. 1.50 Tones of annual carbon emission to our atmosphere will be prevented with the installation of 1 KW capacity Solar Power Plant.

2. There will be an annual saving of approx. 1.26 M.Ton of coal if 1 KW capacity Solar Power Plant is installed.

3. 8.30 K.Litres of precious water will annually be saved on installation of 1 KW capacity Solar Power Plant which gets consumed in generating equal quantity of electricity through a Thermal Power Plant.

4. Adds to Green Power Generation.

5. Preventing the environment degradation due to large hydro – stations: Due to construction of big hydroelectric dams, productive land & forest gets submerged & destroyed and large no. of people have to be rehabilitated posing serious & grave problems. This further causes numerous environmental issues which many a time become an impediment to the execution of the project and cause delays. SPV power plants create no such issues and hence are perfectly ‘people friendly’ technology.

6. Offset the need for setting up a coal based thermal power station.

7. Large scale use of solar power in India can produce substantial reductions in green house gas emissions, particularly carbon dioxide. Benefits to the Power Utilities:

8. Savings in electrical line losses: substantial Energy is lost in the transmission of power to customers due to the electrical impedance in the T&D system. If the total load doubles in the given system the losses increase by about four times. A PV Generating system being located on the consumer end itself, total power so generated comes to wholesome utilization with no T & D losses.

9. Voltage Support: The PV system can reduce the power drawn from Electricity Department grid and reduces the voltage drop. This helps when large power is consumed by air-conditioners and irrigation pumps from the grid (during switching on such loads the voltage dip may take place). In rural remote locations, at the end of the distribution systems where the voltages are known to be very low due to over loading and under sized grids, the solar power generating system would provide voltage support to the grid.

Hand Craft a Solar Power solution for clients which is best suited for them ( Customization )

The need of power varies from customer to another. Smaller need for domestic consumer and bigger need for Commercial and Industrial consumer. We do conduct survey and advise on what power is necessary and how a solution could be arrived at keeping in view of having maximum power production for the consumer.

Doing a feasibility Study of the site which client possess or can organize for fixing the plant

Our Engineers would visit the site where the plant is to be installed / mounted ( roof or ground ) and conduct a feasibility study and then prepare a CAD diagram to be presented to our Operation team.

Full EPC ( Engineering, Procurement and Construction) for a Project

We have the entire technical knowhow and experience to erect the plant and we assist consumer to bring a turnkey solution like plug and play. We will do the entire procurement of the best solar panels, cables, invertor, construct , set up the base which hold the panels, connect all ends and commission it for you.

Land Acquisition on lease or purchase in case of Ground mounted plants

Having problems or have less time or no dedicated team to find a land for ground mounted plant ? We would assist you with a land at the best available lease rent for 25 Years or Outright Purchase.

Doing Liaison work with Local Electricity Board

This is sometimes a problematic area wherein as a consumer you may not be able to figure out how and who to contact and get the approval for net metering or to commissioning approval. We would assist in this area also.

Assistance in Commissioning of Plant