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HR Services

Our HR Services comes with 14+ years of experience in HR Sourcing to prestigious Corporate and SMEs of India and Dubai, HR Operations Services outsourced to us by clients.

Solar PV Projects

Since part 2 years, we are deeply involved in providing professional and in depth Consulting for Solar Power project services in India both for Ground and Rooftop mounted plants. We cater to domestic, commercial and Industrial clients within India from 5 KW to 50 MW. Apart from this, we also provide Solar Pumps installation services which includes assembling the entire pump involving PV panels, working on the civil work, installing the submersible pumps of 1 HP and Higher Power.

Business Travel

We provide a gamut of Travel related Services which includes Travel Consulting, Event management, Destination management from past many years. Our clients are individuals and Corporate based in India and Internationally.


Talent Acquisition Solutions

For a company which has dynamic business needs, screening becomes an important aspect of talent acquisition and recruitment process.

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Employment Compliance

Greenleap Inspirations Consulting Services LLP, one of the best job consultants in Delhi and Noida provides compliance management system and employee management system.

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Liaison Services

If you Organization needs help in labor laws at an affordable costs, you may outsource it to us than hiring a good legal advisor which is high.

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Legal Compliance and Advisory

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, you will look forward to creating a healthy work ambiance that is free from disputes, issues, and conflicts. For that, it is necessary to understand the role .

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Talent Management & Development

Greenleap Inspirations Consulting take care of a wide range of issues when it comes to the subject of talent management and development for Start Ups and Smaller Companies

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Employee Relations Services

Employees form the backbone of an organization. They are the most important resource and the most critical to deal with as well. Hence, it takes special skill and empathy for human resource managers

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Solar Power Projects


Did you know that on one single day, the sun sends 15,000 times as much energy to the Earth as we consume worldwide on a daily basis? A free supply that in contrast to fossil energy sources, such as oil and natural gas is available in limitless quantities! Solar power is the energy of the future – safe, clean and 100 % environmentally compatible.

How can the energy from the sun be harnessed? And how can we put that energy to practical use? Harnessing the sun’s power is accomplished through the use of a photovoltaic system. Basically, the word “photovoltaic” is used to describe a device, which when exposed to the sun’s radiation, creates electrical power. It’s abbreviated as “PV”. PV systems incorporate the use of PV modules, (which are also commonly referred to as “solar panels”), to generate energy from sunlight and inverters which convert that power and safely deliver it to the utility grid for our use.

When properly designed, a PV system not only helps our environment, but it makes economical sense as well. Owners of PV systems make an important contribution to protecting our environment while enjoying the economic advantages of their “clean” electricity at the same time.In the following sections you will learn more about how to plan your own PV system and why the inverter is such an important component.

INDIA is well suited for the use of solar power. Most of the nation is exposed to high levels of irradiation every day. Even in parts of the nation confronted with rainy summers and dark winter months, solar power can still be put to use economically. Depending on the location, the average annual amount of energy PV modules will be exposed to totals between 950 to 2,150 kilowatt hours per square meter (kWh/m2). This is a lot considering that 1,000 kWh/m2 is equal to the energy of about 25 gallons of heating oil. So you can see that the energy potential is already there and PV systems are an excellent way to put it to work for you.

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MICE Tourism has grown in India now as compared to what it was 15+ years ago according to studies different Organization.

After India became open to Globalization, there is a boom in Inbound and Outbound Corporate travel.

Companies seek assistance through travel consultants and Travel agencies to book travel tickets, plan itinerary, plan meeting venue, transportation upon arrival , booking hotel rooms in bulk.

We are experts in organizing Meetings , organize Incentive Tours for Corporate companies and their vendors or dealers or partner companies and also Organize Conference facilities.

regards Conventions, we have to still work on the same. Generally speaking Conventions are not sought after much due lack of convention centers in India. There are only few such centers in major cities and also the process of clearances for people traveling in large numbers takes time.

However, Government is now working on this issue to make India a convention and this is evolving slowly.

We have a good rapport with various Hotel Groups in India which enables us to organize Meetings for corporate companies. Such meeting could general meetings, talk shows, award functions etc. Our team also have professionals who organize capacity building training sessions, inculcate team building and co-working spirit etc. Individual Executives who need assistance for availing Visa documents ( for International Trips ) . Those who are visiting India and need assistance to fix meeting/ appointment with Government departments or corresponding Corporate House can also be easily taken care by us.
We will bring you ideas for planning Incentive Tours for Corporate Company executive to travel anywhere in India or abroad and take care of the chosen destination management wherein we would organize all travel paraphernalia , documentation, Hotel Bookings, Sightseeing tours , airport transfers etc. We operate this with help of our Hotel partners in 4 to 5 star Categories. We also assist Export / Import Company by helping them clear goods from Airport or Sea Port.
As the word goes, Corporate companies conduct annual conference for their company or call dealer / vendor meets / training events etc. We provide all assistance for the same on a turnkey basis which includes identifying venue, organizing transport, airport pick ups, hotel room booking , concierge services etc.


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